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Steel Mace Training: What is it?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Picture an age of knights, sword, shield and spiked mace. That’s what a new, emerging fitness discipline in the UK is about; using perhaps one of the oldest weapons in history if you count stone being lashed to a stick by cavemen. Today’s Steel Mace is akin to unspiked medieval mace with a longer handle.

The weapon may have been available since the 12th century in Europe however, the modern regime derives from Indian wrestling training. Hindu warriors use a length of bamboo lashed onto stone or concrete, known as a Gada, to hone their strength and fighting skills. The Great Gama was the first athlete to popularise the non-lethal practice whilst going undefeated for 50 years before retiring in 1952. The Prince of Wales even presented him with a silver macebell in 1922.

Leo Savage is widely recognised as the pioneer of the style we know today. The UK leader, at least in our opinion would be Llyod Kenwright with his gym Valhalla Training Academy. More often associated with Viking brutality than Hindu monks the mace has found it's niche with those that strive for more functionality and connection than traditional workout methods.

There isn’t a muscle that doesn’t get targeted with this unconventional full body conditioning. That being said, the benefits to shoulder mobility, postural strength and grip are the most pronounced. Every workout with a mace is an abdominal core challenge with the option to be manipulated into a cardiovascular booster. Ranging in weights from 3 - 7 kilograms for complex (HIIT) and choreographed flow movements to 30 kilograms upwards for competitive mace swinging. The speciality focuses more on muscular endurance rather than pure strength so is fantastic for acquiring muscle tone, aiding weight loss furthermore improving stability. To learn more about the benefits visit our Steel Mace page here.

Force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. Conventional exercise uses mass with the acceleration of gravity to give us the force we need to match or overcome. Steel Mace patterns use less mass with much more momentum acceleration to give us the force we need to control and overcome. This makes it a fantastic functional training pattern. while taking a 'light weight' to make it feel heavy. Another practical application compared to conventional exercise is that nothing is square on, Steel Mace execution always works one side of the body before swapping over for great stability enhancements.

Probably the most important facet of the Steel Mace method is the boost to mental health added to improved coordination, balance, reaction time and proprioception. Not only are endorphins, or the feel good hormones, released from physical exertion in addition, each time you unlock a new mace handling variation you get a secondary boost from dopamine, another feel good hormone. This extra release makes every session feel great which keeps you coming back. You can do a brilliant routine that burns a perfect amount of calories but if you don’t enjoy it therefore don’t do it again, it’s worth nothing. The best workout in the world is the one you do again.

There are plenty of ways to learn how to use the Steel Mace online with Armoured Muscle or any other training provider. If you're in Norfolk, more specifically close to Watton you can come along to our complex classes and/or flow courses. It will feel a bit odd to start with but won't be long before the bug grabs you. If you need some more convincing you can check out my other blog post on how my Steel Mace Journey began here.


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