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Members Training Portal

Members Only

Welcome to the Members Training. Here you will find a variety of resources exclusive to Armoured Muscle package and Personal Training clients.

For your use, we have a range of short exercise video reminders to encourage good form. You can also find meal ideas, guides for fitness self assessments, additional workout plans, glossary of terms and some little extras to help you out on your journey.

Continue below to access the Members Training Portal Resources.

Training Resources

Unsure about an exercise?

A library of training videos showing quick exercise reminders exclusively available to select Armoured Muscle plan members.

Video Blogging

DIY Self Assessments 

A range of tips and guides to help you monitor your own progress. Visual changes can take time to notice but measurements provide quicker proof of your hard work.

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Ideas for your next meal

A few meal ideas to help you to reach your nutrition goals. Feel free to chop and change these meals to suit your tastes. 



Unsure on some terminology we have used. The answer might just be here. There's a lot a fitness jargon out there and one description can often have different meanings depending on who it's coming from. See what Armoured Muscles translations are here. 

Workout Plans

Here you will find a number of workout plans and other resources to download. Perhaps you want to try something different or you're short of time and need a smaller workout as a one off.

Engineering Plans

Little Extras

Just a few small discounts and perks that might make your fitness journey a little more enjoyable and a little more affordable. 

If there is any content you would like to see please contact us.

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