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Discounts Policy

All discounts can be stopped with immediate effect without prior warning. Discounts may be time or quantity limited. Award of any discount is at discretion of Armoured Muscle. Further specific criteria as follows;

Uniformed Services - To qualify, participants must send a proof of valid ID for NHS, Emergency Services or Armed Forces. Blue Light discount and Defence Discount cards may act as suitable proof. 

Refer a Friend - Referred person will receive discount provided notice is given to Armoured Muscle so that awarding discount can be served. Referred must provide contact details prior to any service beginning. Referral discounts will not be awarded retrospectively. Referee will be awarded Ingots and discount following referred persons first full price attendance.

Free Classes - Awarded at discretion of Armoured Muscle dependant on number of free classes already attending. Will not be awarded retrospectively. 

Loyalty Rewards - Redeemable on completion of Ingot reward criteria. T&C's stipulated against each reward. Cannot be used in conjuction with any block booking discount.

Block Booking - Discount only applied on bookings of 4 or more classes.

Company Collaborations - Discounts are awarded at the discretion of the collaborated companies terms and therefore subject to change without prior warning. 

Shop Automatic - Some discounts are applied automatically in the shop. Such as free delivery on orders over £60 and further discount when purchasing 5 apparel items or more.

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