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Armoured Muscle Gym

At the Watton Sports Centre

Cardio treadmill cross trainer stair master watton


Improve your cardiovascular fitness and torch those calories with a fantastic view of the grounds

Cardio health and fitness watton


Build stable and safe strength for a more active lifestyle and recovery

Resistance machines Watton
weight machine watton

Free Weights

The free weights and plates will help you tackle any fitness goal with dumbbells from 1 kg  - 50 kg and plates up to 20 kg each

Freeweights dumbbells watton
Dumbbell freeweights gym watton


Train for the undulations of life with our range of kettlebells, macebells, battle ropes and other callisthenics fitness equipment

Functional fitness watton
Functional Fitness Watton


A space for a variety of local trainers to share their classes with the community and an open space for you to adapt

Group exercise space watton
Fitness Studio Watton

We can cater for most styles and levels of fitness with the fantastic facilities and equipment available to us. If you're new to gyms or are unfamiliar with any item of equipment you can book a free gym induction before or after signing up with us.

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