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On Demand

Workouts at your fingertips. 

Find a range of free and exclusive routines, tutorials, guides and follow along workouts to help you on your journey to be fit for life. Made for beginners and advanced trainers alike, you can use the rating system below to select the right workout for you. 

 beginners workouts
Warrior intermedita workouts
Champion advanced workouts
Rudiarius specialised workouts
Curiass informative videos
Members only content

Use the difficulty levels - Survivor Warrior Champion to help you select the workout for you. Each level will increase in time and/or difficulty respectively.

Team level workouts are reserved for tutorials or workouts designed to increase awareness.

Rudarius level workouts are special workouts of notorious difficulty, not for the feint of heart.

Members level workouts are exclusive to the Armoured Muscle OnDemand page. You won't find them listed anywhere else.

Steel Mace Tutorials

Steel Mace is something different to the more conventional workouts. If this is something that peaks your interest, take a look at these tutorials below. If you'd like to learn more about Steel Mace and how it could help you find out more here.

Don't have a Macebell? A sledgehammer is a great alternative as a lot of the movements can be replicated with a hammer with a similar mechanism. You'll soon find out how amazing this discipline is for your wrists, posture and total body work.

Rack Stance - Steel Mace beginners how to guide
Pendulum - Steel Mace beginners how to guide
Metronome - Steel Mace beginners how to guide
Ballistic Curl - Steel Mace beginners how to guide
Pullover - Steel Mace beginners how to guide
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