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Personal Training

You've decided to start training, maybe you haven't. Or you are already training and want more. Whatever your fitness goals Armoured Muscle can assist you to get there.

You get so much more than weight loss with Armoured Muscle Personal Training! We specialise in functional training for the real world. For people with mortgages and not much spare time. Be it for fat loss, muscle gain or just helping with life struggles. Supporting your mental health as well as physical health is our top priority. Men and women aged 30 - 50 alike are getting the results they want working with us. On average, sometimes a little faster, clients have reported feeling a difference in 3 sessions and seeing a difference in around 6 sessions.

Armoured Muscle can come to your home in Watton or we can work with you from the Watton Sports Centre Gym. Offering one-to-one and group PT sessions we have a style to suit you. We can even accommodation private sessions if you're anxious of being around other people in the gym. Unlike other commercial gyms in the area you don't need an additional gym membership when working us. Likewise if you want mobile personal training we can make the most of your home or surroundings to get the best out of the equipment you own. Already, this makes Armoured Muscle cheaper and more accommodating than most commercial Gym Instructors.

Personal Training in Watton with a client

Armoured Muscle has real qualifications learned in a real world environment from industry leading tutors including 12 years military experience bringing along leadership skills and teaching experience you can't get online. As a CIMSPA member you can be assured that your training is catered for and up to leading UK standards. CIMSPA membership also requires ongoing regular learning (CPD) so you know what is being delivered is at the forefront of fitness knowledge. Not only this, it means that Armoured Muscles knowledge, experience and specialisations is ever expanding. 

Take a look at Armoured Muscles credentials using the button below and check out our industry official proffesional registration profile.

Watton Personal Trainer
Watton Personal Trainer step by step process

Getting Started

Get started with Personal Traning

Armoured Muscle Personal Training is proving to be so popular we have worked with clients not only from Watton but also from Hingham, Attleborough, Shipdham, Dereham, Saham Toney and online PT from across the nation.

Armoured Muscle Personal Training Watton PT package comparison table

PT Packages

Online Personal Training and Semi-private Group Personal training available with the Ceramic and Alloy PT packages.

You'll find we take a client centred approach to your training. That is you'll exercise to your capabilities and will only progress when you are ready to do so not when the number on the plan changes. You'll become accustomed to how and when we introduce progressive overload into your training so that you can the best out of your Personal Training without being pushed beyond your limits.

What's incuded with Personal Training
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