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See what real people have to say about their time and experiences with Armoured Muscle Personal Training in Watton and/or their class workouts.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

Since having my children (26 & 18 1/2 years ago) my weight has yo-yo’d. Life throws some challenging times so no excuses - comfort eating and bad habits are the reason for weight gain. Lack of any fitness was down to a damaged and worn knee. I had a full knee replacement 5 years ago (weighing just over 13st) and did the Herbalife shakes, did Zumba weekly, power walked regularly and Boxercise seeing me loose just under a stone but I couldn’t get it further so gave up. Fast forward and I weigh more now than I ever have. It’s crept on and my clothes size has expanded which is not helped by age and being pre-menopausal!

Elliot’s Steel Mace class was appealing as something new to do so I gave it a go and enjoyed it. I was using muscles that had ‘laid dormant’ for too long. I then swapped to Static Circuits and I LOVE IT. Feels like a good workout each time. I have more movement in my joints and have gradually lost a Stone in weight. Those ‘feel good’ vibes were beginning to awaken and gradually my mental and physical confidence started to grow

On one of the Armoured Muscle posts we were asked to name 3 things to do for 2022. I thought long and hard as it needed to be achievable - commitment, consistency and ‘me time’.

This one question gave me a push of positivity to join the gym in January (with a friend from work joining me at the last minute). I’m no good at counting calories so I’ve consciously started eating more fruit and veg. I still have ‘treats’ just not as many. I know if I cut them out I’ll crave, binge and then give up.

So from this point on I’ll stick with Elliot and circuits to exercise, build my fitness up in the gym and hopefully will be able to do Elliot’s Bootcamp sometime this year!


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

I choose Armoured Muscle for the background and qualifications he held. I had attended a mace try out class and he seemed friendly and supportive which is what I was looking for in a personal trainer. Being a mum and having let myself go since being pregnant I felt a little anxious about starting exercise and being judged for my fitness and eating. However Armoured muscle made me feel at ease and I never felt judged or made to feel what I was doing was wrong. There is always support to help me make my own decisions and set my own goals. Now I attend a weekly personal training session as well as the bootcamp he runs on a Saturday morning and I enjoy the challenges and achievements they both bring. I feel the exercises provided are achievable and help towards my goals of getting fitter, healthier and loosing weight. Within the short space of two weeks I felt in control of my eating habits, had a lot more energy and someone helping me achieve my goals. I am now 8 weeks into my very long journey ahead and for the first time ever I have stuck to the plan and I am excited to face the workouts each week. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey I will make and know I have support from armoured Muscle whenever I need it.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

Knowing that I have my wedding coming up in July 2022, and a sharp shock from a Dr’s appointment putting me on blood pressure tablets immediately, I knew I had to do something about my weight and health in general. I had been toying with the idea of getting a PT for a while. I tried a session with another PT at NR Health & Fitness gym, but his approach was very aggressive and I struggled with the tasks set. I hated every minute if it, and was glad when it was over, never to return. After spotting that Armoured Muscle was starting up Steel Mace classes, I was intrigued by this new class and went along to give it a try. I was hooked from the 1st lesson, not only because it was different and unique, but Elliot’s approach in explaining everything before we started without expectation or judgement about our fitness! I soon learnt he also provided PT, which is where my journey started. His friendly, encouraging manner was a stark comparison to my former experience. After taking the time to ask what kind of exercise I liked or didn’t enjoy, my program was written and I had signed up for 6 weeks. Some weeks I really didn’t feel like going, but I persisted and always felt great afterwards (Even though I was a hot, red, sweaty mess). Each week the intensity got slightly harder, which I always doubted I could do, but with encouragement from Elliot I always managed to go the extra step. My diet also changed drastically after logging everything into an app and actually seeing the amount consumed. Having the accountability of someone helping you to think about what you eat really does make a difference. I now look forward to my weekly PT session, and still attend the Mace Classes every week. My 6 week program is now coming to an end, and I have lost weight, decreased my heart rate and feeling fitter. I have signed up for another 6 weeks, where I have decided to row the length of the English Channel, something I would never dreamed of doing before starting my journey with Armoured Muscle.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

Steel mace is a completely new skill, the initial progress was daunting and slow but with their coaching has quickly progressed for me to feel comfortable to do my own interim work outs whilst working on "homework" for the next sessions.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

For most of my life I have battled with fitness and weight. And over the last couple of years I have slowly changed things in the right direction but was never enough. In November I joined Armoured Muscles Static Circuits and I loved it. I kept going back for more and it highlighted a lot of areas in myself that needed work. After a couple of weeks I did the 4 weeks online Nutrition Coaching course which was really helpful and then decided that I needed more help to guide my journey in the right way because I was trying to run before I could walk. It gave me a push to take out a PT package.

During PT sessions, I have never felt alone. It has been up and down but that has been more to myself and my mental health than to do with the sessions and the way my body has reacted to exercising. Getting into a weekly routine of PT sessions has really helped with keeping me positive and helped with my mental health.

Elliot has been amazing, supportive and shown me that I can do it, with the right guidance and stability. Even though I know it's going to be a long journey I don't feel that It's not achievable. I feel that I have lots of goals to meet on my way but it's another step to getting to the end goal and it feels reachable. All small positive steps and it's very enjoyable. I love that I can ask him anything, however silly it may seem, he is always there to answer and help in any way he can. Even when exercising, if I struggle to carry out the movement he will change the exercise to one that is more comfortable for me but will work in the same way.

Everybody I have met in the classes has also added to the amazing atmosphere and fun. From the moment I walked in, I never felt judged, yes I was nervous to what people thought but after a couple of weeks those nerves and thoughts had gone away. The support we give each other is incredible, the positivity from everyone has really has helped me. The class group is truly amazing.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

The program and journey I have been on with Elliot has really helped me not only to smash my goals but also give me a huge understanding of what my body needs to improve. The warm ups and cool downs have given me great flexibility and further strengthening to all areas. I can not recommend the professional service enough. If long term goals are your plan then sign up soon.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

I started my journey with Armoured Muscle in March 2021
At the time of starting my programme with Armoured Muscle I was signed off from work due to stress of an ongoing mental health issue.
At this time, I was so low that I struggled to get out of bed and I was unable to complete the smallest of household tasks – the last thing I felt I would be able to do was complete 6 weeks of fitness and exercise but I was determined to try.

I agreed with Elliot that at this time that I was focused on getting outdoors and to make my workouts as equipment free and in as much outside space as possible to aid and improve my mood.
Before my illness I had embarked on the couch to 5k running programme but in recent months I had not been able to achieve any real progress due to exhaustion and fatigue.
We set a goal of running 5km (which I hadn’t been able to do for over 4 months) and included strength workouts and interval training in 3 sessions a week to improve my muscle strength and to work on my speed and my distance.

In the first few workouts I found them hard, pushing me to get up, get out and go for it. Some days I did need some real support to encourage me to get out and Elliot was amazing – always positive and motivating and always telling me I could achieve whatever I wanted.
Before I knew it I was looking forward to my workouts especially my weekly run where I could see that I’d pushed myself as I’d managed to run that little bit further.
My family fully embraced my workouts too joining me on runs, strength workouts and even the interval running! Constantly cheering me on from the sidelines and telling me to keep going!
The interval training is one of the toughest things I’ve done and initially I never thought I would stick to them and that I would notice any difference – how wrong I was!!!
The interval training has helped me regulate my breathing and I feel I now have muscles that I def didn’t have before!
After every workout Elliot provided positive feedback and encouragement showing me how well I’d done and proving to me that I could and I was doing it.

Now at the end of my 6 weeks programme I cannot believe how far I’ve come.
I completed a 5km run and week on week improved on my time, pace and distance.
I really didn’t think I would ever manage this but I have! I really have!
From starting this journey at one of the lowest points of my life to one where now things are really starting to look up.
Thank you Elliot and Armoured Muscle.


Personal Training and fitness classes Watton Testimonials

Since beginning my mace classes 6 weeks ago, I have noticed I am getting stronger I have lost 6lbs and I have noticed my body shape has changed in a good way. I have also noticed my I am less out of breath with each session! With Elliot’s help and support I have been gaining my goals. He is a fantastic teacher with a lot of patients which is a massive thumbs up as I don’t quite get things straight away. I give Elliot a 10/10 for everything.

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