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Campfire Beans, Vegetarian (UK)

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Inspired by a side dish from TGI Fridays these Campfire Beans make for a great lunch time option or as a side to a main meal. Easy to make using one pot, one chopping knife and one chopping board so there's not a lot to clean up afterwards. With a good serving of heart healthy beans that counts as one of your 5-a-day you can't go far wrong.

The recipe is for making a batch load of 4x lunchtime meals but could easily make 8 or more side dishes. You could even add some hot dog chunks or meat free substitute to fill out the dish even more. Sounds great for breakfast or even as the name the campfire. You'll be getting around 29 g protein per lunch meal and about 10 g of craving busting fats all for 562 kcal. If you're bulking up you could try bigger servings or adding in those sausages. We've yet to try it but some mushrooms might go well here too.

We freeze these meals after they have cooled in reusable containers. Defrost them on the day and pop in the microwave for 4 mins on high (~900w) stirring halfway through. Eat right out of the container to save on washing up over your lunch break.

See more recipes like this from the Ludus Trainng Area on the Armoured Muscle website.

Batch Cook, Freezeable, suitable for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian


We use sunflower oil as its cheap and an unsaturated fat. You could use any BBQ seasoning you like really though having tried a few, the Flava-It BBQ marinade works nicely and is the right amount of spices to not be overwhelming.

Tesco Shopping List

4x Mixed Beans (£0.60 ea) = £2.40

4x Large Eggs (~£0.21 ea) = £1.25 / pack

1x Flava-it BBQ Marinade = £1.00

4x Red Onions (~£0.07 ea) = £0.67 / 1kg pack

35 g Brown Sugar (£0.09/serving) = £1.30 / 500 g pack

BBQ sauce (£0.08/serving) = £1.00 / bottle

Garlic Granules (£0.04/serving) = £0.80 / pot

Paprika (£0.02/serving) = £0.90 / pot

Vegetable Oil (£0.17/serving) = £1.09

Cost / Meal = £1.23

Cost to buy = £10.41

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  • 4x Tins Mixed Beans

  • 4x Red Onions

  • 4x Large Eggs

  • 35 g BBQ Seasoning

  • 35 g Brown Sugar

  • 1 Tbsp BBQ Sauce

  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules

  • 1 Tsp Paprika

  • 15 ml Vegetable Oil

How To

  1. Cut onions into slices and fry in a pot until soft using the vegetable oil.

  2. Once onions are soft add sugar and BBQ sauce until caramelised.

  3. Add all the tins of beans and spices and stir thoroughly for a few minutes. The Beans should bubble but not boil.

  4. Crack the eggs including the yolk into the beans and mix thoroughly. Cook until the sauce goes a shade paler.

  5. Serve pipping hot as a meal, a side dish or freeze for later use (defrost and microwave for 4 mins stirring halfway).

To many calories? Reduce the portion sizes.

Ready for freezing

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