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Relative Fat Mass (RFM) is one way to measure how much of your body is made up of fat. A high whole-body fat percentage is independently associated with increased mortality. It’s widely known that obesity and large quantities of fat deposits around the vital organs (visceral) and under the skin (adipose) bring about a plethora of unwanted concerns such as;


● Type 2 diabetes

● High blood pressure

● Heart diseases

● Stroke 


In comes RFM, using only a flexible tape measure and a height measurement we can use some math to help us define a ratio that corresponds to our body fat percentage. The test has been validated across a large sample of varying age groups and ethnicities for both men and women and cross referenced with DXA analysis. Therefore, RFM is easier to perform than some methods and requires a lot less training, is accessible and helps to provide a figure we can use to track our health.


This guide will show you how to perform your test, interpret your results and suggest ways you can improve your reults. 


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Relative Fat Mass Info Pack

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