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Having a plan goes a long way when training at home or in the gym. This programme helped an ex-PT client and may help you too.


If you like or have have access to kettlebells, this 4 week ex-PT kettlebell programme is great for you. Tackle it once or more a week and repeat for as many 4 week blocks as you like and see if you can beat your previous numbers.


You'll need access to:

  • Kettlebells and/or Dumbbells
  • Floor space


You get:

  • PDF 1x session programme with progressions/regressions, warm up, workout exercise and cool down options.
  • PDF guide to read programme plans.


Simply download and unzip the PDF programme from the Checkouts page or the email attatchement sent to you after purchase.


For more plans, meal ideas and workout videos take a look at the Members Training Portal for just £10 a year! Have a peek here.

Beginners Kettlebell Total Body Programme

£11.99 Regular Price
£8.39Sale Price
  • PDF

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