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This is more than the 30 min interview and a workout on the back of a postcard you'd get from most gym chains! This is a programme forged with your specifications!


Having a plan goes a long way when training at home or in the gym. Are you someone that bounces around the gym onto random bits of equipment or just moves to the next machine along? Do you want to start home workouts but not sure how to get going? Whatever your reason we can get you started on your weight loss/muscle growth/mobility/general health journey.


No matter what kit you have available at home or the gym, this custom digital  workout pogramme is excatly that...100% customised to you starting from a blank sheet. Of course, right now we don't know each other. So after a simple process of learning about you and your needs we will get to work forging your programme.


This custom programme is great for people who have the motivation but just need the plan. Maybe you havn't got the time to draw up your own plan or you're underconfident on the design so would like to have one from a professional. It may seem expensive for a PDF document but you're paying for the knowledge, qualifications, experience and time that makes the product.


Use the included programme guide available to download immdiately after purchase from the payment confirmation page or your email inbox. The guide will help teach you the terminology and how to navigate the programme layout. Also included with this custom programme are some suggestion on body assesments you can perform at home to help show you that your sweat, time and money invested is actually having an effect. Plus you also get the Nutrition Hierachy Guide included


  • Once Purchased, Armoured Muscle will contact you ASAP to get you started with your Fitness and Goals Questionnaire. 
  • Download and unzip programme starter pack which includes a 'How to use' guide, DIY Self Assessments and Nutrition Hierarchy
  • On completion of the questionnaire we can then arrange a consultation to get some more details about what you want to acheive, how, when and where.
  • After the consult please allow 7-28 days for your programme to be forged. We may contact you during this time about equipment availability and experience.
  • Your programme will be delivered to the email provided with purchase. Please ensure you check your spam folder for delivery.


For more plans, meal ideas and workout videos take a look at the Training Area annual subscription.

Custom Forged Programme Plan

  • PDF

  • A custom programme is unique to you and your demands. The more you want, the longer it will take to create. Like any craft, quality takes time. We endeavour to have the whole process complete inside 28 days of purcahse providing you are promt with your return of questionnaires and consultation bookings.

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