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Having a plan goes a long way when training at home or in the gym. Having a plan goes a long way when training at home or in the gym. This programme helped an ex-PT client and may help you too.


Are someone that bounces around the gym onto random bits of equipment or just moves to the next machine along? Perhaps you feel overwhelemed and a bit silly looking at all the kit with no idea what to do with it. You could copy the other gym users movement but that doesn't answer the questions of what weight to use, how many reps to do, how often to do the exercise or even what order to do them.


This programme has you covered, laying out the reps, sets, rest, exercise selction and order for you. The 18 pages will last you 6 weeks working you up to doing a 1 hour session 3x/week. It's suitable for most commerical and well equipped gyms but there's also alternative exercise options if the equipment you want isn't available in your gym or somebody else is using it.


Use the included programme guide to help teach you the terminology and how to navigate the programme layout. Also included with this bigger programme are some suggestion on body assesments you can perform at home to help show you that your sweat, time and money invested is actually having an effect.


You'll need access to:

  • Moderately equpped gym or fitness studio.


You get:

  • PDF 6x session programme with progressions/regressions, warm up, workout exercise and cool down options.
  • PDF guide to read programme plans.
  • PDF guide for body assessments.


Simply download and unzip the PDF programme from the bookings page or the email attatchement sent to you after purchase.


For more plans, meal ideas and workout videos take a look at the Members Training Portal for just £10 a year! Have a peek here.

6 Week Beginners Gym Programme Introduction

£49.99 Regular Price
£34.99Sale Price
  • PDF

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