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Macebell Beginners HIIT class 2

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Survivor Level Workout. This follow along workout is an interesting way to make use of a sledgehammer as a fitness tool by adopting the Steel Mace discipline for a total body workout. Likewise, this workout works just as well with most Macebells. Allow 60 mins, including a warm up and cool down. The movements are a little more complex than the first class. You'll be doing 4 rounds of 40 secs effort with 20 sec rest for the first 2 rounds followed by 30 sec effort and 30 sec rest in the last 2 rounds. Each round is separated by a 60 sec break. For slight variations to make the workout easier or harder to suit your ability, feel free to download the PDF workouts exclusively available by the Armoured Muscle On Demand Service. You'll also earn your 'Survivor' online profile badge. You will need: 1x Sledgehammer or Steel Mace Floor space Find us on Facebook and Instagram @armouredmuscle.

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