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My First Press Up v2

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The Press Up is one of the most versatile exercises going and should be part of most routines. It's nearly a full upper body workout when done properly and works the core, shoulders, triceps, boxers muscle and of course your chest. Utilised correctly, the Press Up can be a great base exercise to build strength and add resilience to the shoulder joint. One of the huge advantages is that is can be done practically anywhere while being easily adapted for progressions without weights. Making the Press Up perfect for any at home, minimal equipment or calisthenics workout. This is Warrior Level Armoured Muscle program. With 12 workouts aimed at taking 6 weeks, you should be completing multiple Press Ups, if not, at least well on your way to a full Press Up. This program is designed for you to do at home requiring minimal equipment or at least things you can find around the house. Though this can equally be done in any gym or fitness suite. Consistency is the key to developing. This programme gradually builds on the weeks before to ensure you're pushing your boundaries at a steady rate but not so fast that you feel incapable. With the Press Up a part of your exercise repertoire you can move onto more complex movements or keep with it to use anywhere you go. With the Press Up unlocked you'll always be able to workout and take part in many personal challenges.

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