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10 Min Core Blast - Exclusive

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Exclusive Survivor Level Workout If you're short on time or looking to get into fitness this Core Blast follow along workout is for you. Approximately 20 mins total including a warm up and cool down. Your Abs and core will be on fire. This workout is as intense as your pace, no equipment is needed and can be done in a small room. For slight variations to make the workout easier or harder to suit your ability, feel free to download the PDF workouts only available from the Armoured Muscle On Demand Service. You'll also earn your 'Survivor' online profile badge. As the video is linked through Youtube you can cast to a Smart TV for a bigger, better experience. Armoured Muscle exclusives also give you access to a group page whereby you can meet and chat with other participants. This exclusive workout is only available from Armoured Muscle. Pay once for this workout and repeat as many times as you like through the On Demand page or through your Armoured Muscle online profile. Enjoying the On Demand service? Look at our monthly and annual packages to get access to all On Demand content as its published. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @armouredmuscle.

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