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Championing beginners to go from under-confident to unstoppable both mentally and physically using proven functional fitness and worthwhile nutrition in as little as 3 weeks.

Armoured Muscle Personal Training and Fitness Classes Watton Logo

At home, in the gym or online fitness, Armoured Muscle will support you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Learn how to exercise, achieve fat loss and utilise functional training for reliable results. We are also Norfolk's only qualified Steel Mace training providers giving the residents of Watton a unique training style rarely found locally or even nationally.

On average clients feel a difference within 3 sessions and see a difference 6 sessions. Operating around the Watton, Norfolk, Armoured Muscle can train you in your home with mobile Personal Training or give fitness accountability in the Gym. PT isn't your only option with regular weekly fitness classes running mainly from the Watton Sports Centre (Dereham Rd, IP25 6EZ). In reality most of our clients enjoy doing both.

You'll find a variety of packages to suit your needs ranging from full support and programming to regular virtual guidance. You will find a package to get you on your way from as little as £25 for personal training and from £5 for fitness classes.