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Personal Training Packages

Armoured Muscle has a range of PT plans to suit your needs and schedule. With all the options you get a judgement free experience and you get to keep all your programmes, forever. Most clients report feeling better, healthier and stronger after 3 weeks of regular training and many begin to see the effects on their body composition after just 6 weeks of consistent training. You can learn more about our Personal Training process here. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you once you've settled on a package option below.

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Our Personal Trainers

Our trainers are carefully selected and held to national professional standards. If you'd like to learn a little more about our instructors please click on their profile pictures. Each trainer has a unique skill and specialisation though each is committed to drawing out the best of your abilities.

Start Your Journey Today

Let us know you want to get started and we will find a PT with availability for you. OTherwise, please do ask any questions so that we can make your start with Armoured Muscle as smooth as possible.

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